Romania Exped – Day 7. Metz Nancy to Kemble

Nic Rodgers concludes his account of Freedom’s adventurous trip to Romania. Join us next week to meet the crews.

After a good sleep, we headed back to the airport ready to start our final day of the trip. Our initial leg took us 140 miles to to the grass airfield of Compiegne Margny, just north of Paris. From there, we made a direct track for Jersey, overflying the historic beach at Normandy, before leaving the French mainland at the St Germain VRP for the short (10 minutes or so) over-water leg to Jersey. We made the most of the popular airfield restaurant and cheep fuel, a firm favourite of the British pilot because the reduction in tax makes AVGAS nearly a third cheaper than in the UK.


After departing Jersey, there was sadness in the air that this would be our final leg of the trip. But there were mixed emotions and as we flew over the familiar Compton Abbas a certain warm fuzzy feeling makes you feel good to be home. Each aircraft flew a slightly different route back to Kemble, with about twenty minutes between the first and last aircraft landing – formation landings a distant memory already. We helped empty, tidy and clean the aircraft, before pushing them in to the hangars and wrapping them in their overnight covers.

We then slowly and reluctantly bode farewell to each other before heading back to our families and friends.

Some reflection…

Without a doubt, everyone on the trip will remember this for a very long time to come. Ten countries, 3900 miles, 25 airfields. 5 Warriors, 15 crew. Seven days flying through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. General Aviation doesn’t get any better than this. Trips like this are exactly the reason I wanted to become a pilot, and Team Freedom have helped make my dreams a reality. I consider myself so lucky to have been a part of it. Doing such amazing flying with great company has been educational, fun and above all – an experience I’ll never forget. Bring on the 2016 Freedom Exped…

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