Romania Exped – Day 4. Tuzla to Ineu

Nic Rodgers continues his account of Freedom’s adventurous trip to Romania. Join us at 6pm every day this week to relive the trials and tribulations.

hawksDay 4 and we were up bright and early. After a quick  of breakfast we headed back to the airfield. Our first leg took us to Clinceni / Bucuresti Airfield, on the outskirts of the Romanian capital. It’s a lovely grass airfield, home to the Hawks of Romania, the Romanian National Aerobatic club, as well as numerous glider and flying schools. We stopped for about half an hour, just enough time for a toilet and tea break, and were lucky enough to get a sneaky peek of the Hawks rehearsing.

From Clinceni we headed to Deva Aeroclub; a pleasant grass strip nestled in between mountains. We stayed for a while, giving us a chance to snack, rest and bask in the sunshine. After refuelling, we set off back to Ineu, flying past the the Deva Citadel, dating back to the 13th Century.

A short leg of just 45 minutes passed initially through the stunning mountains of Transylvania, before the dominant hills faded away to leave the flat land of the Crișana region as we approached Oradea.

After being welcomed back to Ineu by our new Romanian friends, we checked into our hotel for our last night in Romania. This was the shortest day of the trip, with us firmly settled into the hotel bar by 6pm. This gave us a couple of hours to relax and make the most of the shiny new swimming pool (sadly the hot tub was broken!) before joining our Romanian hosts for a traditional dinner in a local restaurant.


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